External Wall Insulation

The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand and the CSIRO identified some time ago that heat gain and loss in homes through walls represented 15 percent of energy lost.

Insulating walls in homes is therefore an important component to providing the best result for constructing an Energy Efficient home.


Neurock Wall Insulation Batts

Neurock Wall Insulation Batts are developed in sizes to suit residential wall framing.

Specifically manufactured to suit both timber and steel frame wall sizes.

Available in a wide range of R values and densities, they are suitable for all residential projects.

  • Special module sizes for steel framing and timber framed walls
  • Reducing Power Costs and boosting Energy Efficiency because they offer High Thermal Performance tested to AS 4859.1 (2019)
  • Non-Combustible protecting people and property
  • Suitable and Compliant for All Residential External Walls
  • Superior acoustic properties
  • Made from inorganic materials they are resistant to rodents and other vermin
  • Inorganic are less prone to being damaged by mould or mildew

Neurock also provides James Hardie Rockwool Fire Wall Batts for use in James Hardie Boundary Fire Wall System. These products not only offer fire protection, but also Thermal protection for homes.


Traditionally only a consideration in Passive Haus design and high end residential construction.

Continuous Insulation and Thermal Bridging are due to be ratified as National Construction Code requirements for new homes from September, 2022 pending approval by the various ministers in the relevant States and Territories.


Neurock VapourBreakTM  is a continuous insulation barrier suited for installation behind various residential cladding applications and offers a continuous insulation and thermal break to minimise thermal bridging.

Manufactured using a non-combustible spun insulation fibre and either vapour permeable or non-combustible foil it is suitable for use in low rise commercial buildings as defined by the NCC.

  • Suitable to be fixed to steel or timber frame external wall sections
  • Continuous Insulation minimising the effect of framing on thermal bridging
  • High resistance to weather
  • Reducing Power Costs and boosting Energy Efficiency by reducing thermal bridging
  • Facings less than 1mm in thickness providing superior fire performance
  • Non-Combustible facing option available
  • Superior acoustic properties

Neurock Insulated Lining Systems

Neurock offers a range of pre-insulated linings. These can be readily installed to the internal side of stud framing and provide an alternative to insulating wall frames and applying external thermal breaks.

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Fire compartmentation is a legislated requirement for zero boundaries and in the construction of inter-tenancy walls including duplexes, terrace houses and townhouses.

The correct installation of these products and systems is vital in protecting people and property in the event of fire.

Check out our other Neurock Passive Fire products such as Fire Mastics, Fire Collars, Fire Wraps and Rockwool Aperture Boards.

Neurock Rockwool Party Wall Batts & Ember Protection

Designed to be installed atop zero boundary walls and inter-tenancy walls this product acts as a fire gasket to seal the space between the top of a boundary wall or a party wall.

Our Ember Protection products are made from similar materials and designed to block the egress of Embers in Bushfire Areas. In particular stopping embers penetrating roofs.

Please read the installation guide and data sheets for these products to learn more.

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