Acoustic Insulation Solutions

Neurock Sound Insulation solutions are developed for both commercial partitions and ceilings.


Neurock Sound, Partition and Wall Insulation products are Non-Combustible and tested to comply with AS 1530.1 (2016) they are suitable for all internal and external walls for high rise and commercial buildings to housing projects. Neurock Sound, Partition and Wall Insulation are suited to the most rigorous fire regulations including FZ BAL Zones and intertenancy fire walls and where superior fire performance is non-negotiable.

Neurock Sound, Partition and Wall Insulation is available in sizes and formats to suit commercial and domestic wall framing and ceiling grid sizes.

Key Benefits:

  • Reducing unwanted intertenancy noise, external noise or deadening unwanted noise such as home media or waste water noise.
  • Reducing Power Costs and boosting Energy Efficiency because they offer High Thermal Performance tested to AS 4859.1 (2019)
  • Superior Fire Safe Properties protecting people and property because Sound, Partition and Wall Insulation is Non-Combustible
  • Suitable and Compliant for All Commercial and Domestic Applications
  • Adding to the health and amenity of any project by improving the comfort of the building
  • Made from inorganic materials they are resistant to rodents and other vermin
  • Also being inorganic are less prone to being damaged by mould or mildew


Plant Room Insulation  offers a special level of noise abatement compared to other areas within a commercial building.

These spaces require a mix of sound absorption and noise blocking.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Tested for industrial environments including dust and moisture
  • Assorted products are easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-Combustible and High Fire Performance variations

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