Neurock strives to protect our customers and the things they love by providing a series of products that deliver solutions in non-combustible, sustainable and healthier building practices.

Specifically, we offer a range of leading Australian made and or Australian Standards compliant products that also meet many International Quality and Performance Standards:

  • Fire Safe Insulation
  • Passive Fire Solutions
  • Condensation Management

Neurock is committed to…

About Us

“Architecture is an Expression of Values” – Norman Foster

Neurock’s founder has worked extensively within the building industry since 1995.

Perhaps the best way to tell you about Neurock is to share some insights about why he founded Neurock.

insulation product inspiration

“After university I worked for one of Australia’s premier manufacturers of building products. As a young recruit, I was mentored and inspired by people who cared about outcomes and who seemed to care about protecting the occupants and end users of the projects we supplied”

building technology

“Some would say that since 2001 there have been some landmark moments in world events and in building tragedy that have highlighted some serious shortcomings in the evolution of building technology, resulting in fatal results.”

insulation innovation

“I founded Neurock because my values are that manufacturers and suppliers don’t just have an obligation to meet the Building Code, they have an obligation to educate end users and innovate to protect people and property.”

Why Neurock?

In uncertain times, Neurock is a supplier focused on delivering certainty to its clients. If it is your first time dealing with Neurock, you’ll soon discover our first focus is our customers and matching them to the best solution for their project application.

Think of us as your consulting experts and inhouse trusted advisors focused on helping you find smarter ways to meet Sustainable, Fire Safe and Healthy Habitat outcomes in commercial and residential building.

We can assist with:

Section J and Residential Energy Efficiency Design and Compliance

Passive Fire and Fire Safe Insulation Design and Compliance

Section F and Residential Health and Amenity Design Compliance

Sustainable, Fire Safe and Healthy Habitat outcomes in commercial and residential building

Many of the major building projects we’ve supplied are the result of tailored solutions and specifications for our client’s individual project requirements.


Our project portfolio and ongoing client list is dominated by continuous examples of how we’ve helped our customers achieve their specific project goals or become trusted advisors in assisting them.

  • All
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Residential

Green Accreditation

We certify and promote environmentally friendly products and services.

Recycled Materials
NCC Compliant
Branz Appraised