Commercial Acoustic Sub-Floor Insulation


Neurock Acoustic Sub-Floor Insulation products are Non-Combustible and tested to comply with AS 1530.1 (2016) they are suitable for commercial projects. Neurock Acoustic Sub-Floor Insulation products are suited to the most rigorous fire regulations including FZ BAL Zones.

Neurock Acoustic Sub-Floor Insulation will reduce airborne noise between levels, resulting in greater comfort and privacy inside the building or between units.

Key Benefits:

  • Reducing unwanted noise between levels
  • Superior Fire Safe Properties protecting people and property because Sound, Partition and Wall Insulation is Non-Combustible
  • Suitable and Compliant for All Commercial and Domestic Applications
  • Adding to the health and amenity of any project by improving the comfort of occupants
  • Made from inorganic materials they are resistant to rodents and other vermin
  • Also being inorganic are less prone to being damaged by mould or mildew

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