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Protecta® FR Putty Pads & Cords

Fire rated non-setting Cord

General description

Protecta® FR Putty Pads & Cords are designed to be easily fitted around service penetrations where the gap around the services is very small. Also, it’s perfect for where there are no gaps at all and it is impossible or difficult to use conventional fire rated sealant due to the required depth and backing material.

Protecta® FR Putty Pads & Cords is an easy to apply fire and sound rated sealant supplied as a non-setting putty. The pad is hand workable, re-serviceable and re-useable due to its non-setting properties.

They are supplied in pre-shaped moldable pads which are push-fit self adhesive.

Main uses

Protecta® FR Putty Pads & Cords can be retrofitted where sealants cannot be used around cable and pipe penetrations.


  • Supplied in different shapes and forms for multiple application areas
  • Certified in many areas around the World, for instance in the EU, EEA, UK, UAE, New Zealand and Australia
  • Installation is very simple and quick
  • Stops penetration of both cold and hot smoke
  • Self-adhesive and very easy to apply without tools
  • Unaffected by moisture; can be used in wet rooms
  • Never hardens and ensures a tight fit
  • Can be reshaped to other sizes if necessary
  • Provides excellent sound insulation
  • Tested for air permeability up to 1000Pa
  • Environment- and user friendly; contains no solvents
  • Contains a low pressure intumescent for optimal fire protection
  • Working life of at least 50 years
  • Patented solution


Fire rating:

  • Up to 90 minutes depending on application.

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