Aperture & Compartmentation Boards


FR Board has been designed to maintain the fire resistance of separating walls/floors where they are breached by single or multiple building services. It consists of a rigid stone wool core, sealed with Protecta® FR Coating on 1 or both faces.

Protecta® FR Board

Rockwool Insulation board with fire rated coating

Main Uses

Protecta® FR Board is designed to reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible wall, rigid wall and floor constructions where they are penetrated by various cables, metallic pipes, composite pipes and plastic pipes.


  • Classified for all types of constructions with or without building service penetrations
  • Simple and very quick to install
  • Resists UV, humidity and frost (once cured)
  • Easy to retrofit additional building services after installation
  • Permanently flexible – will accommodate movements during fire and movements in the construction it has been fitted within
  • Suitable for most surfaces, including concrete, bricks, masonry, steel, wood, gypsum, glass, plastic and most non- porous surfaces. Should not be used in direct contact with bituminous materials
  • May be used in unlimited lengths in walls with heights up to 1200mm and in floors with widths up to 800 mm
  • May be installed in drywalls with or without framing around the opening
  • Halogen free with added fungicides
  • Protecta® FR Board can be supplied with a smooth surface
  • Precautions are required to be taken to prevent a person stepping onto a blank horizontal penetration seal


Sound rating:

  • Rw 55dB – Single 50 or 60mm FR Board 2-S as linear seal ≤ 120mm wide.
  • Rw 29 dB – Single 50 or 60mm FR Board 2-S as large
  • Rw 52 dB – Double 50 or 60mm FR Board 1-S or 2-S as large
  • Rw 53 dB – 50 or 60mm FR Board 1-S or 2-S with 50mm cavity, large

Fire rating:

  • Up to 4 hours depending on application

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