Non-Combustible Wraps


Neurock’s RocWrapTM is available as a Single Sided and Double Sided Foil. It is a woven glass cloth with a double or single sided bright aluminum foil surface. Designed specifically for commercial and residential construction industry requirements and applications.

  • The woven glass cloth offers superior strength and performance
  • Tested and demonstrates the best result possible under the Flamability Index Test Method (AS1530.2), being an Index of 1.
  • Also compliant to AS1530.1 it is one of the few Non-Combustible membranes in the Australian market.
  • As a foil, the material is able to contribute a reflective air gap R-Value to the roof or wall system when installed adjacent to an inward facing air cavity.
  • Laid in the same method under tile roof battens as traditional sarking and membranes

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