Fire Wraps

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Neurock Fire Wrap is a graphite material, within a flexible plastic sleeve that reacts to heat expanding to fill the void created by the melting plastic through-penetration. It can be used with plastic pipes (PVC-C, PVC-U, PP, PE, PE-HD, ABS and SAN+PVC), bundles of plastic pipes – with or without cables, and metal pipes with penetrating combustible insulation.

Protecta® FR Pipe Wrap

Fire rated Pipe Wrap

Fitted by wrapping around the through-penetration and securing with the adhesive tape, then casting into the wall or floor construction fitted in either Protecta® FR Board or Protecta® EX Mortar.

Main uses

The intended use of Protecta® FR Pipe Wrap is to reinstate fire resistance performance of flexible wall constructions, rigid wall constructions and rigid floor constructions where they are penetrated by various metal pipe services. They can be used with and without combustible insulation and plastic pipes when used in combination with Protecta® EX Mortar and Protecta® FR Board.


  • For plastic pipe sizes from smallest pipes available to Ø400 mm with a wide range of pipe wall thicknesses
  • For pipes with continuous combustible pipe insulation
  • For plastic pipes with cables (conduits)
  • Pipe wraps comes in two different types; ready made for most common diameters and in 25 metre rolls for all diameters
  • Fire classifications up to 240 minutes for both integrity and insulation
  • Certified for PVC-U, PVC-C, PE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, ABS, SAN+PVC and PP pipes plus numerous composite pipes
  • Tested and certified for U/U pipe end applications
  • Classified for fire sealing in all types of constructions
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • No emissions – environmentally and user friendly
  • Simple to install in both Protecta® FR Board and EX Mortar
  • Unlimited storage time (under correct conditions)
  • 25 years working life guarantee


Sound Rating:

  • 55 dB RW – Pipe Wraps installed in FR
  • 64 dB RW – Pipe Wraps installed in EX

Fire rating:

  • Up to 4 hours depending on application

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